From left to right:
Bottom Row: Christina, Chef Nicolaas, Chef Edna, Chef Dylan, Earl
Top Row: Chef Josua, Lauren, Monique, Aaron, Brandon, Chef John

The STIR family is as diverse as our dishes, and equally delightful! Together, we are dedicated to providing the best culinary experiences for every event. Headed up by Chef Josua, along with the support of chefs; Edna, Nic, Dylan, and an extensive kitchen team, our commitment is to delivery excellent, top-tier service at all times.

Our food creative, John (with a background in Asian-cuisine) will ensure that each meal is creatively executed and plated to perfection. He’s happy to conceptualise new menus for specific theme events, as required. Your point of contact, and food coordinator, Christina, will guarantee that your culinary food dreams are communicated with the necessary teams and ensure that your event is executed to perfection.

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