Our handpicked team of professionals make up the backbone of Stir food. Here is a short insight into the hearts and minds of our team.

Gustaaf Boshoff
Executive Chef

Our main man, Gustaaf has walked a long way with Stir and continues to push boundaries and create food that never ceases to amaze our clients. His history of international experience, which includes Michelin star restaurants is evident in all he does.

“Embrace the underdogs of ingredients and learn how to let them shine. It’s easy to make the best cut of meat look and taste great, the challenge is in making the lesser cuts do the same”

Nicole Thompson,
Pastry Chef

Stir food’s ‘Dessert Queen’ who has more than a decade of pastry experience, takes great pride in her work and never fails to deliver the most delectable sweet morsels.

“Life is short, so eat dessert”

Edna Visser,
Chef de Partie

Our creative up-and-coming chef is perfecting the art of her trade by plating amazingly delicious food, and doing it beautifully. Her hard work and dedication shines through everything she does.

“Food is essential to life, therefore make it good”

Dino Matimbe,
Kitchen Porter

Our invaluable ‘all-rounder’, Dino makes sure our machine is well oiled by keeping the kitchen ship shape at all times. He preps, cleans and packs with precision.

“Food is not only sustenance, but something to take pleasure in and appreciate from beginning to end”

Kylie Boshoff, Client Liaison

They say that behind every successful man there is a more successful woman! Besides keeping the kitchen team up to speed, she deals with clients, designs menus and manages the administrative side of things.

“Knowing where your food comes from is so important, local & seasonal is key”